Filtration class

class Filtration

This class serves as a representation of the simplicial complex. It knows both how to perform a fast lookup of a given simplex, as well as how to iterate over the simplices in a sorted order.

__init__(simplices, cmp)

Initializes Filtration by internally storing the elements of the sequence simplices, and in the order sorted with respect to cmp.


Appends the given simplex s to the filtration.


Sorts the filtration with respect to the comparison cmp.


Random access to the elements of the filtration.


Finds the integer index of the given simplex in the sorted order of the filtration.


Iterator over the elements of the filtration sorted with respect to the comparison cmp. E.g.:

simplices = [Simplex([0], 2), ..., Simplex([3,4,5], 3.5)]
f = Filtration(simplices, data_dim_cmp)
for s in f: print s

Size of the filtration.